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HKAFOs Help Spina Bifida Patient Walk

When 3-year-old Ryeland was in the APO office recently for an adjustment to his third set of HKAFOs (Hip-Knee-Ankle-Foot Orthoses), he was a little surprised to see another patient – an adult – wearing the same orthoses.

Haitian Quake Victim Doing Well with Prosthesis from APO

Ken Horsfall, CPO, LPO, was able to make a huge difference in the life of a Haitian girl. Joe-Verly Charles, 15, lost part of her left leg after the Haiti earthquake in 2010 when a concrete wall collapsed on top of her. Doctors tried to save her leg, but ultimately she had a below-knee amputation.

No Stopping This Young Man’s Dreams

In the prime of his young adult life, Jacob M. was a strapping 203-pound body builder. Working out nearly every day, Jacob was a budding star in weight-lifting competitions and body building contests. His career plans included working for the Polk County Sheriff’s Department as a deputy, a goal he’s had for several years.