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Baby Rocks His Cranial Remolding Helmet

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Baby Brannon, son of Zak and Molly K., looks quite dashing in his aviator helmet. While the helmet is certainly a conversation starter, its purpose is to correct positional plagiocephaly resulting from torticollis.

“His muscles were so tight that his right shoulder almost touched his right ear,” said Zak. “That caused him to favor his right side and to sleep on the right side, resulting in the flatness. Our neurosurgeon told us he was a good candidate for the helmet and we moved forward.”

When Molly began doing research on plagiocephaly and helmets, she found images of custom-painted helmets done by Washington-based artist Paula Strawn. One of Strawn’s designs had particular appeal for Molly – the aviatorlook is a nod to Molly’s grandfather who was a World War I fighter pilot.

“We just wanted to get away from the medical look of a helmet,” said Molly. “I had a ton of mommy guilt (about Brannon’s condition) and I have a feeling a lot of other moms out there have the same thing. I knew about not keeping your baby in the same position (so the head doesn’t become misshapen) but it just happens. We are trying to spread awareness of this and what Paula is doing is making a difference.”

During treatment, Brannon wore the cranial remolding helmet about 21 hours a day and saw his APO orthotist, Jeff Palmer, CPO, LPO, every few weeks to check on his progress and make adjustments to the helmet if needed. He completed his treatment before his first birthday.

“He’s a happy, healthy baby and is doing much better,” said Zak.