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MS Patient Finds Walking Easier with NESS L300™ Foot Drop System

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Tracy C. has been limited in her mobility due to the effects of multiple sclerosis (MS), which include fatigue, weakness in the extremities, pain, and difficulties with coordination and balance. Another side effect of MS is foot drop, where the muscles in the foot are too weak to properly lift the foot and toes while walking.

While Tracy is treating her MS with a combination of drugs and physical therapy, she also has been able to overcome her foot drop with the help of an innovative therapy device, the NESS L300™ Foot Drop System, fitted by her orthotist at APO, Brent Cheney, CO, LO.

The NESS L300 utilizes functional electrical stimulation (FES), which sends low-level electrical impulses to nerves in the leg, stimulating muscles to lift the foot. As a result, Tracy enjoys greater endurance and the ability to walk with a steadier gait on a variety of surfaces.

“The first day I had it, I was so excited; wow, I can actually walk around,” Tracy exclaimed.

“Brent and the staff at APO have been great, they really have. They are very knowledgeable,” Tracy said. Since Tracy is from Newton and her physical therapist is in Des Moines, she said she appreciates the accommodation she received from Brent. “He would see me when I had therapy so I wouldn’t have to make two trips or long extended trips. That worked out very well for me.”

The NESS L300 is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and Tracy appreciates she can go back to her normal shoe size. The device is also undetected under clothing.

“With the NESS L300, I am able to walk further than before,” Tracy said. “We live on acreage and on the first day I was able to walk around in the yard. I hadn’t been able to do that for quite a while.”

Tracy now wears two of the NESS L300 units. “My left leg is my really bad leg. When we got that going with the NESS L300, then we realized that I was also dragging my right leg. After I received the second unit, it was really amazing that I could walk almost normal,” she said.